Exhibiting Landcare at the Show

An opportunity to promote Landcare as Guest Exhibitor at the Condobolin Annual Show

Exhibiting Landcare at the Show

An opportunity to promote Landcare as Guest Exhibitor at the Condobolin Annual Show

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The issue

The annual Condobolin Show is held in late August and there is always a huge roll-up of the public for all the events, competitions and popular show rides.  Condobolin & Districts Landcare Coordinators Libby Roesner and Kate Kirk were hoping to get some of the nesting boxes that were built by the Green Army placed in a prominent spot at the show so that they could talk about them and the other work that was being done locally by Landcare.

The Coordinators were thrilled when the Show Society invited Landcare to be ‘The Guest Exhibitor’ at the show and gave them a prominent space to set-up an exhibit. This was a fabulous opportunity to promote local Landcare work and to engage a wider general audience in the district.  It also enabled them to conduct a local 'interest' survey to help investigate the topics that were pertinent to the local community.

The solution

We worked together to create an engaging stand to exhibit Landcare.  We put-up the nesting boxes and brought in the seed-planter and new spray-rig and boxthorn remover.  We had an exhibition of photos of local birds and wildlife taken by our extraordinary local photographer Warren Chad on display.  The 'Whose Poop' box for identifying animal scats was set up as a competition for a jar of lollies.  We displayed a slideshow photos of the Green Army at work.  We also put up a large map of the district and tagged all of the areas where Landcare work had been taking place. Bird books, coolers, key rings and posters were popular giveaways at the the exhibit.

The impact

Over the two days of the 23rd and 24th August 2016 more than 3500 people attend the show of whom a large percentage pass through the pavilion where the Landcare exhibit was located.  A large number of the show visitors who passed by stopped at our stand and engaged with us.  We had over 80 participants in the Whose Poop competition and survey responses from over 40 adults and children.

Survey responses from the show provided an important insight into the interests of the general public. Hot topics of interest included: controlling feral animals and weeds, recycling, community gardening and improving soil health including salinity and erosion control.  These results can be added to responses from members to give us a good picture of interest areas for future Landcare projects.

Key facts

  • The Show provided a great venue to promote Landcare work
  • Whose Poop - scat identification enthralled young visitors
  • Local bird and wildlife photos and posters were popular
  • Interest surveys were conducted for a giveaway bird identification book

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