Putting Grassroots Adaptation on the Map

Have you taken innovative actions to adapt to climate change?

Have a look at what others are doing and share your own actions through the grassroots adaptation platform at: https://csiro.mysocialpinpoint.com/adapt#/

Landcare communities are rethinking the way they conduct re-vegetation and other rehabilitation initiatives in response to a changing climate, according to ongoing research conducted by CSIRO and the University of Technology Sydney. For example, one Landcare group has changed the way they plant native species to avoid destruction of existing non-native riparian corridors which continue to provide shade and help alleviate increased temperatures while the new native vegetation becomes established. In another example, farmers have changed the vegetation mix on their grazing properties to retain more soil moisture and buffer increased evaporation in increasingly hotter conditions. Urban areas are also adapting, with some residents observing that ‘full sun’ no longer applies when planting some species and changing to alternative species or planting in areas with more shade.

These examples are all part of a project designed to showcase adaptation actions at the grassroots level. The purpose of the project is to document informal adaptation actions in response to a changing climate and share these actions with others who may learn from them. All comments are posted on a map which shows the actions being taken in different regions. The aim of this project is to take stock of grass roots adaptation actions and provide a platform for people to share information about what they are doing.  The project is funded by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage and currently running in NSW and the ACT but if there is sufficient demand it may expand to other states. Please contact Tom.Measham@csiro.au if you have any questions about the project.