Frogs and Biodiversity in your catchment

Farmers Creek Frog Monitoring Citizen Science project

Frogs and Biodiversity in your catchment

Farmers Creek Frog Monitoring Citizen Science project

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The issue

Frogs are an important ecosystem indicator species. Sensitive to changes in water levels and environmental contamination, they can be indicative of the presence of species they rely on for food. Similarly, frogs also tend to indicate the presence of other species such as birds and snakes, which rely on them for food.

Working together with the Department of Planning, Industry and Environments Save our Species (SoS) Program, a multi-year frog monitoring program was developed to gauge stream health and collect evidence of improvements to riparian vegetation communities through ongoing planting programs.

The solution

Monitoring sites were identified from the Farmers Creek Masterplan and a methodology established in cooperation with Department of Planning Industry and Environment Save our Species staff. 

Monitoring evenings involve travelling between sites along Farmers Creek, listening for frog calls, recording using the Frog ID app, counting numbers of individuals, recording information and moving onto the next site.

Undertaken at dusk in Spring, Summer and Autumn, the events are promoted through Landcare and Lithgow City Council networks with Save our Species staff, Local Landcare Coordinator and volunteers carrying out surveillance.

The impact

Monitor ecological outcomes of riparian management and the impact of other influences on riparian condition such as pollution, climate and disturbance.

Support and promote multi-year riparian weed control and planting works undertaken by Landcare groups along Farmers Creek.

Utilise the Australian Museum Frog ID app to mobilise citizen scientists to collect useful ecological data.

Enable local community to identify frogs by call and sight, understand frog habitat needs and factors that affect frog populations.

Key facts

  • Frogs are an important indicator species.
  • Monitoring programs provide important data about ecological health and restoration programs.
  • Raising community capacity in fauna identification supports and promotes Landcare activities.

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