Lake Pillans Boardwalk launch and planting day

Wasteland to Wetland

Lake Pillans Boardwalk launch and planting day

Wasteland to Wetland

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The issue

Lake Pillans, Lithgow, is a much loved community asset for walkers, cyclists, bird observers and families. It has also become habitat to many bird species, frogs and native flora.

The 2019 / 2020 bushfires destroyed popular timber boardwalks and a lot of trees that have been planted over the last 20 years, devastating local and tourist community over the scale of damage.

Many trees died as a result of the fires, leading to a loss of habitat and shade for visitors.

After the fires the area was at risk of slipping back to being an inaccessible wasteland. The local community voiced concern numerous times about walking track access and the state of the forested sections of the park.

The solution

Lithgow City Council and Lithgow Oberon Landcare Association worked together, utilising insurance money and Bushfire Economic Recovery funding, to have boardwalks rebuilt and connected to other parts of the town via a shared pathway link and to continue ongoing revegetation and weed control works.

Rebuilt boardwalks and shared pathways were finished in late 2021, linking the lake walk to the Farmers Creek shared pathway network. However, due to COVID and ongoing rain we were not able to host an opening ceremony.

An event was planned for May that would both officially open the renewed walkways, and recognise thousands of hours volunteers have contributed to the site over a twenty year period. 

Lithgow Oberon Landcare organised a community planting on the day, to enlarge existing revegetation and regeneration areas. 

Lithgow Lions Club arranged a BBQ for the volunteers and visiting dignitaries.

The impact

The launch and planting saw 25 volunteers plant more than 260 native flora tube stock, significantly enlarging the area of regeneration.

In addition, Lithgow City Council Mayor Maree Statham and Councillor Eric Mahony opened the new boardwalk over the lake and thanked volunteers, many of whom have been involved in onground works in Lake Pillans for over 25 years, and publically recognised hard work of many people to create such an important and special community area.

Lake Pillans has once again become an important focal point for the Lithgow and visiting community now that the boardwalks have been rebuilt. The native plantings will go on to provide more habitat and shade in years to come.

Key facts

  • Lake Pillans boardwalks destroyed in the 2019/ 2020 bushfires rebuilt and connected to shared pathway network
  • 260 tube stock planted to replace burnt vegetation
  • 25 volunteers

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