Threatened Species Day - Hyde Park Reserve

Saving our Species

Threatened Species Day - Hyde Park Reserve

Saving our Species

Making a Difference -


The issue

Located on the western edge of the Blue Mountains, Hyde Park Reserve is home to the only known population of Asterolasia buxifolia, a native star bush which had been presumed extinct until being rediscovered in 2000. This threatened population is comprised of less than 500 individual plants and is listed as Endangered in NSW.

The solution

Lithgow Oberon Landcare Association in partnership with the Office of Environment and Heritage, Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens and Lithgow City Council held an awareness-raising event to help educate Reserve users, neighbours and locals as part of commemorating Threatened Species Day.

National experts and agency staff guided a tour of the reserve providing an opportunity for participants to learn about the unique biodiversity values and significant conservation assets within the reserve - as well as physically seeing these plants growing in the wild.

The impact

The 18ha bushland Reserve on the banks of the River Lett is a significant refuge for biodiversity within a heavily modified section of the upper Cox's catchment. This event promoted awareness within the community about the importance of the Reserve, particularly to the new rural-lifestyle landholders nearby, which is critical to help protect this species and ensure the Reserve is looked after and used appropriately.


Despite the unpredictable (and remarkably unpleasant) spring weather 38 people turned up on the day to learn more about the reserve, its importance in preserving biodiversity in the valley, along with the specific conservation efforts being undertaken by a range of agencies and individuals.

Raising awareness and fostering ownership within the community is an important part of ensuring our biodiversity assets and threatened species are retained.

Key facts

  • Reserves are often the last foothold for many rare and threatened species.
  • Managing threats to this reserve is the responsibility of the whole community.
  • Engaging the local community and building awareness is the key to making a difference.
  • 38 people attended the event

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