Restoring Farmers Creek & Reviving Urban Landcare in Lithgow

Providing support to improve biodiversity and revive Landcare in our area

Restoring Farmers Creek & Reviving Urban Landcare in Lithgow

Providing support to improve biodiversity and revive Landcare in our area

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The issue

Farmers Creek is an upper tributary of the Coxs River catchment that drains through the whole of the Lithgow urban area. Revegetation was undertaken by the Farmers Creek Landcare Group around 20 years ago at this Montague St section. Thanks to those past efforts the site has some good-sized overstorey trees; the understorey however had become infested with weeds - significantly impacting upon the biodiversity of the riparian zone and downstream system.

Until 2016 Lithgow had been without a dedicated Landcare Co-ordinator for almost a decade. Unfortunately for many active Landcare Groups, membership dwindled or ceased over the years, and numerous regularly worked sites had gone backwards due to neglect and inactivity.

The solution

The passionate core of the Lithgow Oberon Landcare (LOLA) Committee were successful in their bid for funding through the LLCI for a part time Coordinator in the Region. In partnership with Lithgow City Council it was agreed to house the position within local government. Having a dedicated Co-ordinator has provided the opportunity to revive support for Landcare initiatives.

LOLA engaged local bush regeneration contractors to prepare the site by slashing and spraying. The community were invited to participate in a work session; heavily mulching the site and establishing 250 endemic native plants to improve and increase the depth of the riparian buffer. The social benefits and chance to meet and interact with likeminded community members was a highlight - as was the hot pizza delivered at the end of a very cold and hard workday!

The impact

Enthusiastic volunteers braved the cold and came along to lend a hand. This illustrated that once provided with the opportunity; this is a community where people are very willing to help look after their local environment. Everyone's efforts made a huge difference; planting 250 native plants, spreading 2 x truckloads of mulch, and improving a 300lm (1500m2) length of urban creek-line. The improved scenic amenity provided everyone with a very tangible sense of achievement.

Local Landcare efforts are currently working within the guidance of a newly-developed strategic Lithgow Council initiative (Farmers Creek Masterplan). This Plan addresses riparian, weed and biodiversity issues throughout the Lithgow Valley.

Key facts

  • Neighbours and the broader community have mobilised to support environmental works in their neck of the woods.
  • Working within a strategic and best management practice approach – the Group is off to a fantastic start with 250 native plants replacing weeds along 300 lineal metres of creek-line.
  • The sense of community and sense of place, is strengthened by working together for a common and local purpose.

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