Narromine High Park Reserve Project

Restoring High Park Reserve

Narromine High Park Reserve Project

Restoring High Park Reserve

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The issue

High Park Reserve near Narromine is on the Banks of the Macquarie River about 3 Kilometres east of Narromine. This Reserve is managed by Narromine Shire Council. As the reserve provides public access to the Macquarie River it attracts a number of visitors for recreational purposes such as fishing, picnics and water activities.

Over a number of years four-wheel drives have accessed a flat sandy area on the riverbank. This has caused degradation and erosion of the bank due to the steepness of the terrain. Rubbish has also been dumped on the reserve.

The solution

Narromine Shire Council has received funding to target illegal dumping within the shire and this reserve is one of the target sites. Council has removed the rubbish from the site, controlled some of the weeds and has purchased bollards to place as a barrier to vehicular access down the riverbank. Surveillance cameras have also been set up to combat the issues and signs have been erected in the reserve. The bollards will be painted in indigenous art to make the area more aesthetically pleasing.

The impact

The bollards will keep vehicles from degrading the riverbank and plans are in place to revegetate the riparian area. Hopefully, this will result in a lovely spot for riverside activities as well as restoring biodiversity and keeping the area rubbish free.

Key facts

  • Illegal dumping reduced.
  • Restoring riverbank and riparian area.
  • Lovely place to visit.