Narromine Wetlands

Narromine Wetland Biodiversity Project

Narromine Wetlands

Narromine Wetland Biodiversity Project

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The issue

Narromine Council had an area to the South West of the town where storm water runoff had laid in the area for long periods of time after rain.

The area was in the past part of a Cowal that was formed from flooding into the low lying area from large floods of the Macquarie River.

The land had been used for Agricultural purposes in the past and as it was low lying and most vegetation had been cleared it was at risk of causing soil salinity and erosion.

Although it hadn't been flooded from the river since the Burrendong dam was built all the towns runnoff stormwater ran to this area.

The solution

Council investigated the idea of creating a wetland. It was believed this would be a good idea as there are other Cowals in the area that had a good balance of Biodiversity due to not being farmed. This area was similar in topography and soil content.

A design company were hired to plan the project. The project would be constructed in two stages given the size and availability of resources. 

Stage one is an area closest to the entry of town stormwater runoff. This stage has three ponds which have walking tracks around the and observation points and platforms. The are natives planted around these. See photos. There are also signs placed around the walking tracks about wetlands. 

Stage two of the project is in the construction phase at the moment.

The impact

The Narromine wetlands has created a beautiful area for biodiversity. The area is alive with native plants, birds and frogs. The project has nature lovers come and view the area. 

Key facts

  • Soil Erosion and Salinity reduced
  • Biodiversity restored