History of Maclean Landcare Group 2008 -2014

History of Maclean Landcare Group

Maclean Landcare History and Development (CV)


  • Maclean Landcare formed 16th April 2008 at a meeting with 12 attendees. An executive committee is formed with coordinator, secretary, treasurer, safety officer and other members meeting once a month.
  • Work commences with weed control at the top of the Lookout Reserve
  • A Vegetation Management plan is drawn up by professional bush regenerator member dividing the 2ha area into 9 work zones for the volunteers to follow.



  • EnviTE Environment undertakes a 3 year Environmental Trust project working alongside volunteers and expanding the work area to include an additional 8.5ha.
  • Volunteers continue to work the top 2ha up to 2 days a week
  • Volunteers also work 2 days a week in the Clarence Valley Council Community Nursery at Townsend propagating local native plants



  • The Maclean Forest Linkages Strategy is developed by members. Potential sites are identified (with zonings E2 Environmental Protection and E3 Environmental Management) and landowners contacted to gauge interest in restoration works. These sites link the Yaegl Nature Reserve to the north to the Maclean Rainforest Reserve in the south.
  • Council assists with follow up works in the less accessible sites, volunteers continue at the top site and the nursery.
  • Council sponsors Maclean Landcare for a Community Action Grant to expand work on the remaining 3.5ha of the Reserve and to undertake community awareness building with all neighbours of the Reserve invited to a weed control workshop.
  • Maclean Landcare attained a CMA Incentive Fund Grant to commission a NRM plan for 97A Wharf St a 6ha site adjacent to the lookout Reserve.



  • Council commences targeted primary restoration works on 97A Wharf Street and the Islay Street properties which also border the Lookout Reserve. Council also undertakes buffer zone works on the southern side of the Lookout hill on Nungera land. These sites were all identified in the Maclean Forest Linkages Strategy.
  • Maclean Landcare has become an Incorporated Association and is applying for Environmental Trust funding to further expand the area of native vegetation in Maclean under restoration.