Riverbank protection

Protecting and Restoring Fish Habitat _ Healthy Rivers

Riverbank protection

Protecting and Restoring Fish Habitat _ Healthy Rivers

Taking Action -


The issue

Four landholders who own land on the banks of the Macleay River in the Sherwood area and who share a common interest in protecting the riverbank from erosion due to flooding came together and sought help from Macleay Landcare Network.  Their concern also included the  lack of native vegetation along the riverbank and an overwhelming weed problem in this riparian zone.

The solution

Funding secured from the NSW Department of Industry and Recreational Fishing Trust Fish Habitat Action Grant - Large Grants 2015-2016.  The Project "Macleay River Landholders Unite to Protect and Restore Fish Habitat" allowed Macleay Landcare Network Incorp., to help make the collective group of landholders achieve their goal along the riparian riverbank with weed control activities, and revegetation of  the riparian zones.  In all cases only native species indigenous to the area and suited to the site were used.  Three of the four properties have now completed their works with the fourth property requiring some followup weed control shortly.

The impact

- Removal of weeds such as tobacco bush, lantana and other weed species mostly by cut and paste method, and brush-cutter for larger specimens within the riparian zones

- Fencing off the area to stock and creating off stream watering points

- Reinstating timber for fish habitat

- Regeneration works - planting of native species on the embankments.

This project has helped adjoining landholders make a positive impact on the riparian zone in aspecific area targeted which included a local "fishers" area known as the Golden Hole and asignificant effort in removing weed species which over the four landholdings incorporated alinked riparian control area of approximately 1klm along the riverbank.


With landholders working collaboratively together in repairing their riverbanks the positive outcomes have culminated in an approx 1klm area of riparian zone being significantly improved which has added to the conservation value and health of the Macleay River.

Key facts

  • Riparian zone protection
  • Revegetation and erosion control
  • Helping landowners who initially do not know where to start
  • Making a collective difference to the landscape with a shared vision.

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