Birdwatching & BBQ'ing

Landcare Group mixes work & pleasure

Birdwatching & BBQ'ing

Landcare Group mixes work & pleasure

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The issue

Wherrol Flat & Caparra Landcare Group wanted to encourage community participation in the 2017 Aussie Backyard Bird Count.

It was hoped that by understanding what local bird life existed that participants could gain an appreciation for the biodiversity of the area.  Landcare members also wanted to encourage new landholders and non landcare community members to participate. 

The solution


The group decided to make the Great Aussie Birdcount a social event starting later in the afternoon, followed by a Bar-B-Que and an evening bird watching session. 

A riparian site within the Wherrol Flat area, close to the Hall, was chosen as the venue. 

This allowed time for participants to arrive and see the afternoon/early evening chorus of birdlife before enjoying dinner.  Following dessert a group set off on a night jaunt along the creek, while others counted species closer to the house.    Species were identified by concensus after consulting various bird books and recorded.  The information was then loaded onto the Great Aussie Bird Count website.

The impact

Participants really enjoyed the events format. The birdlife was abundant, especially round sunset.

During the day 70 different birds have been identified on the property. 

Participants saw magnificent Wedge Tailed Eagles soaring overhead and were enchanted by Red Tail Finches hopping about the BBQ area.  Within the 10 minute Great Aussie Bird Count time frame sixteen species were identified.  Ravens, Crimson Rosellas,  Lewin's Honey eater, Eastern Spinebill, Ibis, Willy Wag Tails, Welcome Swallows, Yellow Robins, Blue Wrens, Galahs, Eastern Whip Birds and Silver Eyes.

The discussions around tree and bird species over a shared meal were lively and informative.

Key facts

  • Bird species identification
  • Biodiversity
  • Social interaction
  • Landcare group activity

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