Enticing, Engaging, Growing Killabakh & Lower Cedar Party Landcare Group

Expanding our membership

Enticing, Engaging, Growing Killabakh & Lower Cedar Party Landcare Group

Expanding our membership

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The issue

Our Landcare group formed in 1997 spurned by a collective interest in riparian onground works as outlined in our Rivercare Plan.  Over the years we completed many large projects, hosted field days, planted trees and assisted landholders with in-stream construction works.  As jobs were completed and the scope of funding changed so too did our group focus. 

By 2008 our small group was working on public land, revegetating and weeding a Crown Reserve. 

See the full story here https://landcare.nsw.gov.au/groups/manning-landcare/reclaiming-alfred-road-reserve-killabakh/

By 2017 this project was in maintenance phase and the Group was keen for a new challenge.

The solution

Killabakh Landcare began work on a replanting project at the entrance to our locality, called the Gateway Project.   Having the community onboard was important, as was as having as many people as possible being involved in the decision making process and the works.  The Group scoped ways of encouraging new members to join. 

The weekly Produce Market initiative was suggested and began, a local food trading/sale/swap morning. 

A venue for locals to bring their excess produce, seedlings and homemade goods to reduce food miles, encourage sustainability & support local small growers.

With the help of Landcare NSW staff we discovered that our Landcare membership & insurance would cover the weekly food market if all sellers were members of the Landcare Group. 

The impact

The idea took off! Our membership went from 17 to 46!

The weekly market has engaged community members that had previously not been involved with Landcare. Thursday mornings are now bustling at the Hall.  An undercover area has been constructed with storage, swap boxes and seating.  This has also led to renewed interest in Landcare works and projects.

Key facts

  • Landcare NSW Membership & insurance made the market possible.

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