The Gateway Project

Improving local amenity & raising landcare group profile

The Gateway Project

Improving local amenity & raising landcare group profile

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The issue

In 2017 Killabakh & Lower Cedar Party Landcare looked for a project that would raise the profile of the group and provide benefit the community.  A neglected road reserve on the main thoroughfare into the village was quickly identified as a suitable site requiring a much needed makeover.

The solution

Permissions & support were sort from the local council. Council representatives and Landcare group members held meetings on site, planning and designing to allow for safety, traffic flow and to incorporate existing mature trees. 

Working bees began, removing rubbish, forming mounds for planting and placing natural barriers to control traffic flow. 

The preparation stage took several years, hampered by the drought and 2019 bushfires. 

Volunteers used spent silage bales, large amounts of cardboard and woodchip mulch supplied by Midcoast Council to suppress weeds and improve the soil in readiness for planting.

In late 2020 a concrete slab was poured and a picnic table installed.  In early 2021 a shelter roof was constructed and put in place over the table. 

In June 2021 another working bee for planting and weeding was held with over 200 native shrubs settled into their new homes.  

The impact

Though this project took far longer than anticipated, Landcare group members are very pleased with the outcomes to date. 

As the plants grow, this site will continue to be transformed, providing a rest stop for travelers and improving the amenity of the village entrance. Being on the main road, the rejuvenated reserve highlights the achievements of the Landcare Group to the community. 

The group also gained a new sponsor, Gingermegs - a local wedding hire & styling business that could appreciate what we were aiming for and generously donated funds for native plants.

It was wonderful for the group members to know that their efforts were recognised and supported.

Key facts

  • Community working together
  • Partnership with Council
  • Local business support

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