Coolatai Grass and St John's Wort Eradication Project

MCCL has funding from the Jaramas Foundation through Landcare Australia to undertake a three-year project aimed at eradicating the emerging weeds in the Martindale area, Coolatai Grass and St John's Wort. The project gets underway in October 2015.

Martindale Creek is a beautiful natural waterway wending its way out of the neighbouring Wollemi NP through the Martindale Valley in the Upper Hunter of NSW. Martindale Creek is a tributary of the Hunter River.

Martindale Valley has only one road of access and the targeted weeds are only emerging in the area, so it is time to jump on them and stop them in their tracks before they become significant agricultural and environmental weeds as they are in other areas.

The Jaramas Foundation, through Landcare Australia, has offered MCCL the opportunity to fund an eradication project for these weed species.

Funding is going towards equipment and training, with MCCL already taking delivery of a 95L spot sprayer to help with the task. HCCREMS and Muswellbrook Shire Council are also on board, with surveys and negotiations underway to limit the impact on roadsides from slashing as the Group tags all population locations and commences the first round of targeted spraying.

Local landholders are asked to familiarise themselves with these two weeds and report sightings to the committee so as to facilitate control of these weeds under our Project.

Locals also have the opportunity to undertake chemical training as part of the Project.