Wollemi Weeds & Wine

A weekend of exploring, friendship and learning about the Wollemi – Martindale environment.

Wollemi Weeds & Wine

A weekend of exploring, friendship and learning about the Wollemi – Martindale environment.

Reaching Out -


The issue

Many young people love undertaking bush regeneration activities, but most of the volunteer community groups that undertake these projects are often of an older age class. These young Landcarers also often share a passion for exploring and visiting areas they have never been to before.

Landcare groups would love to get some fresh, young blood in their ranks, but the fact that groups are predominantly made up of older generations often discourages these younger Landcarers from participating.

The solution

Intrepid Landcare was formed to enable young Landcarers to get together as a group and visit exciting new places where they could participate in bush regeneration projects together.

Hunter Intrepid Landcare is a new group, and their expedition to Martindale for the Wollemi Weeds and Wine weekend was one of their first trips together. The trip aimed not only to educate them on local problem weeds and their eradication, but also to allow bonds of friendship to grow amongst the two groups.

Trevor and Marion from Martindale Creek Catchment Landcare were present when the group first formed at Glenrock Reserve, and were quick to express their interest in hosting the group on their property adjacent to Wollemi National Park.

The impact

The Martindale Landcarers were inspired by the amazing young people that had such high levels of enthusiasm for the things they normally take for granted. This new perspective was both refreshing and exciting for all participants.

The Intrepid Landcarers felt privileged to experience the passion and knowledge that both Trevor and Marion had for their beautiful place, and the effort that went into looking after it. “Their generosity was also amazing, for inviting a bunch of young almost city kids to their place and having us to stay was wonderful and kind”. They also enjoyed the opportunity to learn about the weeds of the Martindale area and the difficulties locals face in fighting them.

Key facts

  • Educating young and passionate Landcarers
  • Bringing some fresh enthusiasm into an existing group
  • 8 young Intrepid Landcarers attended
  • A weekend of hiking, camping and building connections

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