Despite years of community campaigns to conserve the bushland catchment of Manly Dam and public awareness of this environmental jewel... In 2021, Manly Warringah War Memorial Park now has additional threats to its fragile biodiversity.

Threat 1. Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link Project.

if approved this proposal will casue extensive harm to Manly Warringah War Mermorial State Park and the fragile catchment of Manly Dam (amongst many other significant environmental impacts). The below website contains details of the proposal and all submissions.

A Parliamentary Inquiry is investigating the proberty and consequences of this scheme. Details here:-

This short video illustrates what is at risk.

Threat 2, Development at 181 Allambie Rd.

This proposed development of 24 "luxury" units involves cleaqring threatened species habitat into Manly Warringah War Memorial Park and negatively impacting the riparian zone of Curl Curl Creek. This is the main feeder creek to Manly Dam.

More info is in this Sydney Morning Herald Article :-

This DA has twice been refused by Northern Beaches Council and the Northern Beaches Local Planning Panel.

D.A. details here:-

We understand that the proposal is now to go to before the Land and Environment Court.

Threat 3. Proposed Boardwalk

Northern Beaches Council is planning to build an extensive boardwalk linking section 2 to section 3 at Manly Dam. This would cut through untouched bushland and put yet more pressure on wildlife habitat. We believe there are much better alternatives. 

Check out this short video