Group's Projects

Energy forum

Set for the 6th November. 6 panelist 1 MC and room for a 100 with questions. if you have a queries about the power available now is the time to get the answers. Take back your power and avoid the sales plug. Time to turn on Wellington.

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Livestock Under the Ground

soil health. worms, David Murphy worm guru. Bob Freebairn an active Agronomist. soils for life

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Meeting 20.1.15

Instead of a Christmas party, we're having a New Year party, and everyone is invited, to review what we've done and look forward to future projects.

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Tree Planting

Tree planting on the Dubbo Road bank. 1pm to 4pm. Sunday 18th May 2014

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Work For The Dole reinvigorates Community Garden

Constant attention by Work For The Dole teams has led to a resurgence of interest in what happens at Wellington's Community Garden in the Scout Hall grounds.

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Your Energy

Save the date November 6th between 4 pm and 8 pm for Mid Macquarie Landcare who will be hosting a forum on available energy. This will be the place to ask those questions no one has the time to answer. There is no selling pitch just information, and refreshments while be available. Watch this space for more information

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