Our group members are mostly landholders who live in the vicinity of Mount Rankin just outside of Bathurst in New South Wales.  The Kelloshiel Creek flows through the valley below Mount Rankin and into the Macquarie River.

Our aims have been

To preserve and improve the established native vegetation, particularly the Grassy Box Woodland in the area.

To preserve and improve the water catchment areas that drain into the Macquarie River.

To be involved in the native revegetation of the area such as will preserve the environment for native animals.

To promote the awareness of our Australian native heritage to children and the wide community.

To preserve where possible the indigenous and early settlement history of the area.



Revegetation, gully/creek erosion, weed management, drought and flood management, remnant vegetation, fire prevention, pest management, small farm management, soil quality, stock control. social activities, Clean Up Australia campaign. Local Council and Gover nment policies.

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