This group is focused in and around Mudgee and the broader area covered by Watershed Landcare: The group has been set up as part of the pilot study into landholder collaboration funded by the NSW Environmental Trust. For further information or help with this group, please contact Alex Baumber

For the trial phase of this group, the focus is on the role of spiders as an indicator of landscape health. Resources on finding and identifying spiders have been uploaded to the resources folder - and participating group members are encouraging to upload their own resources on spiders to share with other group members.

The group map below shows Mudgee as the home of this group, indicated by maker with people on it. For this trial, we are focusing initially on observations/sightings of spiders . On the map below, sightings are marked by a brown marker with an "S". 

Participants in the trial are encouraged to add their own sightings. Once you have your log in details, you will be log in and go to the folders for "Spider sightings". Once there, you can add new sites by selecting "Add new" at the left-hand menu and selecting "Map location". Make sure you change the sharing settings to "group" or "public" after you've added your entry so that other group members or the general public can see what you've added!

Full details can be found in our user guide:

You can also add photos to the Photo Gallery and even create new folders for new content types like beehives (could be marked using yellow markers with a "B"). This site is for you to play around with so please get in and have a go! All data entered will be able to be exported later for use in other programs (as CSV or KML files).

If you are interested in joining the trial, please contact Alex Baumber


Download group KML