Murrakool Land for Wildlife promotes wildlife conservation in the Murrakool area in the west of the Murray Catchment. The group has sponsored wildlife surveys, field days and been involved in projects ranging from movement cameras and nesting boxes in local schools to the publication of wildlife brochures and reports. Group members are Land for Wildlife property owners, and the group promotes and assists property owners receive Land for Wildlife property registration.

The Land for Wildlife (LFW) program is a voluntary property registration scheme for landowners who wish to manage areas for biodiversity and wildlife habitat. LFW encourages and assists landholders to include nature conservation along with other land management objectives (e.g. grazing or irrigation).

The national program aims to recognise the efforts of landowners in conservation and supports people who want information about wildlife management on their property.

Registration is free and does not alter the legal status of a property.

The Murrakool Region

The Murrakool region lies in the mid Murray River floodplain and is home to a unique array of wildlife and ecosystems. The rural landscape is crisscrossed with more than 2000km of creeks and rivers, and associated riverine forests and woodlands.

Significant species and populations include the Southern Bell Frog, Painted Snipe, Bush Stone Curlew, Grey-Crowned Babbler Gilberts Whistler and Yellow Gum. Endangered ecological communities include the Inland Grey Box, sandhill pine, and Myall woodlands.

Locally, the Murrakool Landcare Group helps facilitate the Land for Wildlife scheme. They are a voluntary organisation of farmers from working properties with access to moderate funds for the promotion of the district’s flora and fauna.

The group has also been involved in local regional projects such as a baseline fauna survey with Matt Herring titled Murrakool Wildlife: Magnificent Diversity, Precarious Future (see the website link at www. Murray Wildlife), the production of a woodland bird brochure, and nature and cultural heritage appreciation field days.

If you are interested in obtaining more information contact your local Murrakool Landcare Group representatives: Pam O'Neill (Treasurer): Ph: 0428 532 435 Email:


2003-2004 Murrakool Wildlife Benchmarking Survey – Murrakool Inc., Murray Wildlife

Land for Wildlife is a voluntary property registration scheme that encourages and supports landholders to manage areas of their property for wildlife habitat. Registration is free and does not alter the legal status of a property.

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