Land for Wildlife Registration

Land for Wildlife is a voluntary property registration scheme that encourages and supports landholders to manage areas of their property for wildlife habitat. Registration is free and does not alter the legal status of a property.

Why Join Land for Wildlife?
Private landholders play a key role in nature conservation. The continued survival of many rare and threatened animals and plants is dependent on restoration of habitat on private lands. Benefits of joining land for Wildlife include:
  • Receiving advice and support to achieve restoration goals on your land,
  • Learning about local native plants, wildlife and ecosystems,
  • Inclusion of nature conservation into your overall property management,
  • Opportunities to meet and learn from other like-minded landholders.
What's on offer?
Landholders who qualify for registration receive:

  • a site assessment of vegetation, significant flora and fauna, habitat values and management issues
  • a land for Wildlife sign in recognition of their commitment to wildlife conservation
  • ongoing support and advice through - workshops, field days, newsletters
Who is eligible?
Land for Wildlife welcomes landholders who:
  • have a property with at least 1 hectare of native vegetation mapped as High Conservation Value (HCV) or within a wildlife corridor,
  • manage part or all their property as habitat for native plants and animals, are interested in integrating nature conservation with other land uses, such as agriculture, grazing or tourism.