The group is rehabilitating Murray Garden reserve by removing privet, lantana and other environmental weeds, then planting and encouraging natural regeneration.

This group usually meets on the third Friday every month at 10:00 am for about 2 hours. To join this bushcare group, enter the park from the southern end of Garden Avenue, near the intersection with Murray Park Road. It's a narrow access entrance between 2 houses, and the group meets adjacent to the Palm trees just inside the access.

We're concentrating on restoration work at this southern end of the park, an area that in the past has had a high infestation of Privet trees. These are slowly but surely being removed in a controlled way, and replaced with appropraite local natives,

Feral Deer are a major problem on this site, so protective actions for new plantings need to be taken.

Occasionally, the scheduled dates and times will vary, due to weather and volunteer availability, but generally we do stick to the regular schedule.

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