Enticing the Locals with Natives

Connecting with the local community through a native plant giveaway day at the local markets

Enticing the Locals with Natives

Connecting with the local community through a native plant giveaway day at the local markets

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The issue

The group is in the rebuild stage and has had limited activities and projects conducted in 12-18 months to entice the local community to support them and become members. The group membership has in the past mainly appealed to the rural and farming community surrounding the region with limited urban membership. Current members of the group have expressed their limited time to commit to volunteering with activities and projects.

The solution

The groups decided to host a native plant giveaway at the local park on the market day to build connections with the urban and semi-rural communities to inspire joining the local Landcare group. A $2000 community pop-up grant was sourced for the group to purchase 1500 plants and pay for advertisement of the event.  It was planned that attracting more members and appealing to urban members would increase the number of available volunteers for the group’s future activities as well as provide different ideas for the group to incorporated into a future strategic plan. Tree guards were sourced in-kind from the local Toyota dealership through the National Tree Day initiative.

The impact

The group interacted with between 100-120 people from 6 different small communities in a 5 hour period during the giveaway as well as 2 schools. This showed the community that they were active and participating in activities not traditionally seen as “Landcare” in that region. The group received 14 new (or renewed) memberships on the day from urban and rural families. All 1500 local native plants were given out to the local community. There was follow up enquiries about any potential plants potentially left after the giveaway.


It doesn’t take a massive project or activity to generate membership interest for a local Landcare group, this project was possible with only a $2000 contribution of money and 8 volunteer’s time. Upwards of 100+ people received or interacted with the giveaway which resulted in 14 people making a membership contribution. As each plant was grown in their individual pots rather than the trays it was easier for volunteers and recipients to select what they wanted, handle and transport in a bag.  If it was conducted again the types of plants given away and the numbers per person will need to advertise to reduce some confusion as to what was available and how many plant people could receive.

Key facts

  • 14 new and renewed members for a group in the rebuild stage
  • 1500 plants given away to 6 local communities
  • 50 plants given away to 2 local schools
  • All done with only a $2000 grant and local in-kind contributions

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