Greening kids and carparks

Youth group revitalising open spaces and gaining planting skills for life

Greening kids and carparks

Youth group revitalising open spaces and gaining planting skills for life

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The issue

In 2020 the Temora Youth Centre known as “platform Y’ held its first monthly environmental group meeting for school aged students. In order to build momentum and interest in group membership, an exciting project was required to engage the students.

The solution

The Temora Railway Station precinct is undergoing a revitalisation from an industrial facility into an overnight ‘Grey Nomad’ stopover, however the site still retained an industrial landscape with little natural amenity.

In order to improve develop skills and interest amongst the environment group, an existing garden area adjacent the entrance to the Youth venue which contained exotic plants and weeds was selected for renewal in order to provide an education opportunity for the kids, and improve the area for visitors.

The impact

During a process of 2 afternoons, environment group members transformed the degraded garden space into a welcoming and functional garden incorporating waterwise, drought tolerant flowering natives into a thriving low maintenance garden area. During the activity, the kids learned about correct soil preparation and planting techniques, and the importance of planting natives in urban landscapes.

The garden created much interest amongst the Platform Y members, with further revegetation projects within the town area now being planned and prepared.

Key facts

  • 8 students involved in design, construction and maintenance of garden learnt about native plants and their role in ecosystems.
  • Ongoing interest in other aspects of environmental restoration has increased with further activities planned.
  • The role of Landcare is highlighted in the region, with a successful partnership with Temora Shire Council providing a space where community members and visitors are appreciating the enhanced area.

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