Landcare: it's for the birds

Lachlan Fold providing habitat for the Glossy Black Cockatoo

Landcare: it's for the birds

Lachlan Fold providing habitat for the Glossy Black Cockatoo

Making a Difference -


The issue

Lachlan Fold Wildlife Action Group received a grant from the NSW Environmental Trust in 2013 to provide habitat for Glossy Black Cockatoos, which are a threatened species.  An extension had been granted for completion of the project but the group needed assistance not only with allocating, prioritising and planning the project, but also in ensuring the continuation of the group.

The solution

The Local Landcare Coordinator (Irrigation) organised a meeting to review the group’s administration processes, check previous spending and discuss future proposed actions.  She then met with Riverina Local Land Services to discuss and plan for vegetation mapping in the area.  Links were forged between the Group and the Murrumbidgee Field Naturalists, an avid bird-watching group based in the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area, with a view to creating a visual database for Glossy Black Cockatoo.

Links were also established with other organisations in the area to enable a number of field days to be conducted.  The final task was to organise an Annual General Meeting to ensure continuation of the group into the future.

The impact

Due to the efforts of the LLC (Irrigation), a priority plan of action has been established for the Group, the NSW Environmental Trust funding report has been completed, drones have been used to photograph a small selection of the habitat, and the Annual General Meeting has been conducted.

Bird boxes are also being built and installed, and the Group intends to apply for a community grant for the purchase of some sets of binoculars so they can monitor the Glossy Black Cockatoo population in the area.


The group has determined that it is necessary to have regular meetings to keep their project on track.  They have also found that it is essential to keep a back-up of all records.  They feel that the Birds in the Bush Festival, held annually in Rankins Springs, is an important networking occasion so they have undertaken to assist with its organisation.

Key facts

  • A number of bird Boxes are being built and installed
  • A small community grant has been submitted for the purchase of some binoculars for the group

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