Weeds Roundup for Morundah and Leeton

Silverleaf nightshade with Dr Hanwen Wu

Weeds Roundup for Morundah and Leeton

Silverleaf nightshade with Dr Hanwen Wu

Taking Action -


The issue

Silverleaf nightshade has long been a problem in the Riverina with some local shires feeling the effects greater than others. This weed is a very persistent weed which can be a long road to correct management.  

The solution

With two events on October 14th and 17th in Morundah and Leeton Area, the first a presentation by Hanwen in the Morundah Pub, was well attended in the local meeting place. Hanwen showed a multitude of photographs and comparisons with his data and research background in the silverleaf nightshade weed. The Leeton Area event, at Yanco Weir and a local property, was in the field, including a paddock walk on property showing well managed sites and recent incursions.

The impact

14 people attended the Morundah event, with an even mix of Weed officer staff and local landholders gaining new knowledge and regional insights. Each person participating in the program received a copy of the extremely popular Silverleaf nightshade manual, which was co-authored by Hanwen. A reprint of this manual is planned following the events due to the demand and interest in this very hot topic.  

10 people attended the Leeton Area event at Yanco Weir, with key landholders eager to start an action group on silverleaf nightshade in that area. The initial plans will include the formation of a group by neighbouring farmers, the start of a trial plot to demonstrate spraying regimes and broader community education by hosting field demonstration days.  

Brittany Turner, Project Officer.


Key facts

  • 2 events
  • 24 people engaged
  • Over 100 new manuals printed

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