Working Together on the North Coast

Establishing and building on existing relationships with Aboriginal communities – finding ways to Work Together

Working Together on the North Coast

Establishing and building on existing relationships with Aboriginal communities – finding ways to Work Together

Collaborations -


The issue

The North Coast covers a range of First Nations boundaries with many Indigenous organisations including Local Aboriginal Land Councils, Elders Groups, Traditional Owners groups and other Aboriginal corporations and service providers. Often, the work of these organisations overlaps with the objectives of Landcare, particularly in the areas of land management, biodiversity conservation and protecting wildlife. The Aboriginal Landcare Officer position was established within North Coast Regional Landcare Network to identify opportunities for Landcare and local Aboriginal people to collaborate and work together with key outcomes being a better understanding of each other, opportunities to share knowledge and design joint initiatives for environmental outcomes and community resilience.

The solution

With support from the NSW Landcare Program, the process of establishing the first Aboriginal Landcare Officer position in NSW began and the “CountryCare” initiative was designed. Additional support was received from the Landcare Led Bushfire Recovery Program – part of the Australian Government’s Bushfire Recovery Program for Wildlife and their Habitat. This funding not only supported the Aboriginal Landcare Officer position but also provided funds to design local collaborative projects that created opportunities for Landcare and the local Aboriginal organisations across the North Coast to work together and build relationships.

The impact

In amongst various challenges that we are all facing, the project managed to be effective at connecting Landcare and Aboriginal communities.  This role has driven the engagement processes, supported Landcare with protocols working with Aboriginal organisations and has facilitated the development of a broad range of collaborative partnership projects with local Landcare and Aboriginal groups.

Summary of project activities across the "CountryCare" project:

  • Collaborative meetings, workshops and project launch events.
  • On site events, visits, yarning, community day including Welcome to Country.
  • Planning and mapping; burn plans, property management plans, case studies and
  • developing cultural protocol.
  • Engagement with 29 project partners.
  • Promotion short film and on-site activities.
  • Indigenous signage along nature trail and learning areas.
  • Research to name Landcare sites in traditional language.
  • Aboriginal mural near school yarning circle.
  • Junior rangers program supported.
  • Expansion of the bush tucker nursery
  • Planting, weed control , stock exclusion fencing and other property management.
  • Bush regeneration techniques training including tools, equipment and PPE.

Key facts

  • North Coast Regional Landcare Network has employed the first dedicated regional Aboriginal Landcare Officer for NSW.
  • Support from the NSW Landcare Program "Working Together" initiative has supported this position.
  • "CountryCare" was designed to develop and deliver projects with collaboration across Landcare networks and Aboriginal organisations.