Building Bridges to Boorowa

Volunteers have been taking the Bushcare bus to Boorowa since 2000! These enthusiastic workers join our Bushcare team to revegetate degraded farmland, alongside our partners Boorowa Community Landcare Group (BCLG).

North Sydney Council's Bushcare program has been taking volunteers to the rural town of Boorowa since 2000 to plant thousands of trees, shrubs and grasses.

While it is great to experience the country lifestyle, yet it is an eye-opener to see the issues farmers face in the Lachlan Valley, especially salinity or rising groundwater tables, as a result of over-clearing of woodland in the past.

The flourishing trees are now helping to drop the water table, increase habitat corridors for the threatened Superb Parrot and many other species of wildlife, provide shelter for the ewes during lambing, act as windbreaks and erosion control, and help absorb our excessive amounts of carbon dioxide.

This annual tree planting trip is always an adventure for us city folk. We enjoy the country hospitality, the beautiful fresh air, sometimes a Superb Parrot or two, and always the extremes of weather!

These weekends are for volunteers who are up for a challenge - lots of tree planting - rain, hail or shine.

For more information please contact the Bushcare Officer on 9936 8258.