Dogs Camera Action!

Seeking data on the existence and distribution of Vulnerable species in the Gwydir Shire.

Dogs Camera Action!

Seeking data on the existence and distribution of Vulnerable species in the Gwydir Shire.

Making a Difference -


The issue

Whilst there was anecdotal evidence of the existence of species such as Koalas and Black Stripe Wallabies inhabiting the Gwydir Shire, no official reports had been made, making the task of sourcing funding and generating community support for these Threatened communities more challenging.

Further community education was required to help those species - for instance informing residents of the necessity of providing a water supply during dry times and planting more habitat trees if a landholder identifies  Koalas on their property.

The solution

Northern Slopes Landcare Association was granted funding through the Regional Landcare Facilitator Small Grants program (National Landcare Program) to conduct two surveys in the Gwydir Region.

The first of these surveys, a Koala survey, saw the University of the Sunshine Coast's Detection Dogs for Conservation team visit the Shire.  Search sites were chosen based on reported Koala sightings in the areas and one day spent in each locale searching for Koala scat.  At the conclusion of the survey, a Threatened species day was held in Bingara and Delungra with the assistance of Northern Tablelands Local Land Services' Cool Country Koalas project, where survey results were discussed.  Additionally other presenters detailed findings from other surveys which had been carried out  in the area.

A survey was also carried out by Ecologist Alex Dudley in the Conservation area in Bingara.  This survey involved Alex spending a period of five days surveying three separate sites using several surveying methods including camera traps, as well as incidental sightings and spotlighting.

The impact

Whilst we were unable to locate evidence of koala scat in Bingara on the day, Warialda proved to be far more successful, with Koala scat and a Female koala and joey located.  Koala scat was found at nearly every location where a sighting had been reported, even in the middle of town!

The survey of the Conservation area located five Threatened species - Squirrel Gliders, Speckled Warbler, Masked owl, Border Thick-tailed Gecko, and the Yellow Bellied Sheathtailed Bat. 

The media coverage of the project has resulted in several sightings being reported to Northern Slopes Landcare.  We have now had several confirmed Koala sightings in Bingara, along with sightings being reported in Delungra and Warialda.  Additionally, cameras were loaned out to a Bingara landholder who was able to capture photos and video footage of a mob of Black Stripe Wallabies including a Joey.  

Key facts

  • Raising awareness of Threatened species can help those species through more people taking action to protect them and improve their habitats
  • The more information we have on Threatened species and their distribution, habitats and movements, the more we can do to ensure their survival

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