Nourish Bush Tucker Garden

To develop a Bush Tucker garden where Bush tucker can be showcased as well as serving as an educational resource

Nourish Bush Tucker Garden

To develop a Bush Tucker garden where Bush tucker can be showcased as well as serving as an educational resource

Showing the Difference -


The issue

To develop a dynamic learning ‘storyboard’ at The Living Classroom in Bingara, NSW.  The 4.3 Hectare site is to be regenerated with six featured pods demonstrating bush tucker from different landscapes.The project is aimed at students and visitors to showcase the traditional ‘natural food’ systems of Aboriginal people. It is a ‘hands on’ project encouraging visitors and students to ‘grow, cook, eat’.  The site features ‘grassy box woodland’ as its natural condition.  The additional pods are artificially introduced or enhanced to showcase other bush tucker guilds in a designed setting.  The gardens will also provide habitat for native flora and fauna.

The solution

Using funding attained through the National Landcare Program, and a partnership between Northern Slopes Landcare, The Living Classroom and the Bingara Central School, six pods have been identified within the designated area. These are: Grassland pod, Woodland pod, Forest pod, Stream pod, Swamp pod, Dryland pod. Both the Bingara Central School and the Bingara Preschool  assist with the planting & maintenance of the pods. The Preschool propagate and grow a continuous supply of bush tucker plants in their green house for both their own bush tucker garden and will also keep the Nourish garden well stocked. The Bingara Central School will support this garden through ongoing maintenance and care as they will be using it for many school activities and classes as stated above.

A three course dinner held at the Roxy Theatre, Bingara, prepared by hatted indigenous Chef Clayton Donovan was also held to showcase the flavours and textures of Bush Tucker.




The impact

The project showcases the indigenous diet of our local area and also produces some examples of bush tucker from other parts of Australia. The "Nourish" gardens provide an excellent opportunity for local schools to provide learning experiences in areas such as Science, Geography and Agriculture.  Activities such as field studies offer students the experience of surveying local ecosystems. It will also provide a learning environment about bush tucker and aboriginal heritage for other groups/individuals who wish to visit the site.

The project has increased biodiversity within the local environment by increasing the number of native and endemic species of plants in the gardens.  The site adjoins the Brigalow Nandewar Biolinks corridor which creates a pathway for endemic native fauna.

Bush Tucker grown at the site will be readily available to the public.

Key facts

  • Showcasing Native Bush Tucker and its uses
  • Creating a vast array of educational opportunities for local students in subjects including Agriculture, Biodiversity, Science, Geography

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