Rural Women's Catch-Up

Supporting rural and remote women in isolated communities

Rural Women's Catch-Up

Supporting rural and remote women in isolated communities

Community Participation -


The issue

Many small communities are often the forgotten communities. Coolatai was identified as an area of need. Women in the Coolatai area have faced the ongoing drought, floods and now mice infestations over the last 4 years. The paddocks may now be green, however the long rebuilding of businesses and lives from these disasters is far from over.

The solution

With the focus of the Rural Women's Catch-up aimed at smaller isolated communities, women have the ability to connect with local women without the need to travel, organise their own personal events or volunteer their time for a specific project or duty as the only way of connecting.

Northern Slopes Landcare delighted 14 women from Coolatai and surrounds with a delicious and informative FREE morning out. The local pub was transformed into a café and women came together to connect with other local women in the community.

The women also participated in a short workshop with RAMPHS Coordinator, Letitia Cross presenting Un-packing the Mental Load. This powerful workshop broke down the barriers of mental health, educated and united the group of women.

A discussion followed where the women openly spoke about their own struggles in their daily life over the last 4 years of drought and isolation.

The impact

The 14 women enjoyed the day, most staying to well after 2pm. The feedback was that rural women are really looking for connection without jobs or volunteer requirements. The fact that there are no coffee shops in the area, the women felt that this was a wonderful way to catch up.

All women completed an evaluation form and 100% of the women enjoyed the day.

7 of the women would like to see the Rural Women’s Catch-up Monthly, 6 Quarterly and one woman responded weekly.

100% of the women felt that the information they received increased their knowledge of mental health. And 13 women felt that they learned an approach that you could apply to everyday life moving forward.

The feedback from the event was overwhelmingly positive and everyone cannot wait for the next one!


Champions in the area spread the word of events. 


Key facts

  • Women in rural and remote areas are impacted by social isolation.
  • Women in rural areas are faced with volunteer fatigue.
  • Women are still affected by the impacts of the drought both financially and emotionally.

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