Soils Benchmarking Project

Green Triangle Group Benchmarking and Mentoring Project

Soils Benchmarking Project

Green Triangle Group Benchmarking and Mentoring Project

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The issue

The Green Triangle Farming Group, which comprises a group of farmers controlling over 40,000 hectares in North West NSW, identified that there was a strong need for mentoring and benchmarking in order to support farmers to implement practice change on their properties which would allow them to adapt more easily to a changing climate.  Through increasing overall soil health, their farms can become more resilient to future drought conditions.

The solution

In partnership with Northern Slopes Landcare Association and North West Local Land Services with funding through the National Landcare Program, the Green Triangle group enlisted Integrity Soils as a mentor and commenced their project.

Kim and Angus Deans from Integrity Soils were engaged to visit each individual enterprise to assess, plan, set up monitoring points, benchmark their current soil condition, and provide training and recommendations (a formal written report) tailored to each individual enterprise on how to best improve their soil health, ground cover and profits. A group catchup was then held where Kim Deans discussed common themes found among the properties and discussed how microbes, minerals, organic matter, management and mindset contribute to regenerating soil health.  The group then participated in a farm walk to view the monitoring points "on the ground" and observe the actions that NSW Landcare Farmers of the Year, Justin and Lorroi Kirkby, were taking to improve the soil health on their property.

The group will continue to meet up on farm every couple of months to discuss their learnings with other group members and discuss any issues they have found.  An annual visit by Integrity Soils to support their learning, as well as phone support, is also factored into the 4 year project.

The impact

Over the next 3 years, the group will continue to monitor their soil health and observe the impacts of the recommendations provided by Integrity Soils on their properties.  These results will also be shared with the general public at annual workshops with Integrity Soils.   

This project will assist both the participants and many others adapt to a changing climate through building healthier soils which will retain more moisture, and be more resilient in the face of future drought events.  Participants will be supported throughout by other group members, Integrity Soils, North West Local Land Services and Northern Slopes Landcare Association.

Key facts

  • There is a diversity of ways to solve the on ground problems we have
  • The Green Triangle Group believe in adapting to the climate we have and making our farms more resilient.
  • Supported and engaged landholders with fixed goals and planning in place are more likely to be successful in adapting to a changing climate.

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