February 2016 edition of the NSW REC Newsletter released

Best practices in linear reserve environmental management highlighted

In this issue

  • 2015 NSW Roadside Environment Management Award
  • Lachlan region Roadside Vegetation Management Plan project pays off
  • The Flora of Wagga Wagga: A new website
  • Dispersal of native seeds by ants along roads aid habitat connectivity
  • Feathertop Rhodes grass is on the move and is glyphosate resistant
  • Response to Crown Lands Legislation White Paper Released
  • An artificial waterway and road restrict movements
  • Quest for a Sustainable Highway
  • Global Roads Inventory Project
  • Sampling effects on the identification of roadkill hotspots: Implications for survey design
  • Global exchange and accumulation of non-native plants
  • Introducing the Australian Bird Index
  • Setting aside half the Earth for ‘rewilding’: the ethical dimension
  • The most detailed ecological map of the World

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