Camden Haven Oyster Farm & Hatchery Tour

Showcasing innovation, farm management & selective breeding

Camden Haven Oyster Farm & Hatchery Tour

Showcasing innovation, farm management & selective breeding

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The issue

There are few opportunities for oyster farmers to travel out of their own area and to learn from the experiences of others operating elsewhere in the state. Many oyster farmers still use old cultivation systems, and are unsure of the best way to implement best practice or what technology presents the most worthwhile investment. There is also generally a low level of awareness about the oyster breeding program, and the challenges of producing selectively bred stock from spawning adults, to hatcheries, to nurseries, to farm.

The solution

Working closely with Armstrong Oysters & Camden Haven Oyster Supply, an oyster farm and hatchery tour was organised for mid-June. The informal event allowed farmers to talk to farmers. The tour incorporated both land-based and on-water elements, and focused on innovation & farm efficiency.

Armstrong Oysters is operated by two, second-generation brothers who converted their entire farm over to best-practice in the last 20yrs. They are constantly looking at ways to improve efficiency & have trialled - adopted numerous technologies. They are one of the largest & most respected Sydney rock producers in NSW. Camden Haven Oyster Supply is a commercial oyster hatchery. The operator has been in the industry for 30yrs and oversees the statewide breeding program.

The impact

24 Oyster farmers attended the tour representing 9 different growing areas. The furthest travelled 700+ km to attend, with a spread of farmers from Moreton Bay in the north, to Tuross Lakes in the south. Feedback was extremely positive, and there is a real interest to see more of these events in the future. The key success was the informal nature of the event, with the onus on farmers literally opening their doors and sharing their knowledge and experience with others. Although the focus was on innovation & farm efficiency, the range of topics discussed was very broad, and visiting farmers valued the opinion of others 'speaking the same language'.

Key facts

  • 24 Oyster farmers attended from 9 different growing areas
  • Focus on innovation & farm efficiency

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