Flood Recovery Meetings

Six industry meetings supporting industry recovery

Flood Recovery Meetings

Six industry meetings supporting industry recovery

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The issue

The March 2021 floods were devastating for the oyster industry. Flood debris, including silage bales, houses, trees, cattle, shipping containers, and other items were carried downstream in surging floodwaters, devastating everything in its path. The oyster industry is situated in the lower reaches of NSW estuaries, and suffered considerable damage to cultivation infrastructure as a result. The immediate loss of stock and equipment was estimated to be in excess of $17m.

The solution

Working with NSW DPI, OceanWatch helped develop a series of recovery meetings for the industry. These meetings were originally planned to cover new best-practice guidelines, and while these were discussed, many farmers were keen to hear about state and federal government support mechanisms following the floods and ask pertinent questions. Various support personnel were organised to join these meetings, so growers would have access to the most accurate and up-to-date information.

The impact

The meetings were hugely valued by growers, with about 150 farmers in attendance. Grant assistance is often geared towards terrestrial farmers, and application forms are not developed for completion by our aquatic farmers. These issues were brought to the attention of relevant state and federal officials, so hopefully this paves the way for a more inclusive grant/support environment in the future.

Key facts

  • 6 Oyster Industry flood recovery meetings organised across NSW
  • Meetings provided an opportunity for growers to learn about support measures, and new industry best-practice guidelines under development
  • About 150 farmers engaged through the series of meetings

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