Hastings River Oyster Farmers Shed Day

Making connections - Farmer BBQ & Stakeholder Updates

Hastings River Oyster Farmers Shed Day

Making connections - Farmer BBQ & Stakeholder Updates

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The issue

Over the last few years, a number of oyster farms on the Hastings River have been sold to new entrants in the industry. There has also been notable turnover in staff at Port Macquarie - Hastings Council, and in other local stakeholder groups (including Hastings Landcare, Fisheries & North Coast LLS). NRM / Landcare starts with relationships, and yet few opportunities are provided to build these connections. 

The solution

Recognising that relationships are the foundation of NRM, we worked with local farmers to organise a social BBQ for the local industry and stakeholders. The BBQ took place on 4th April in an oyster shed, and was followed by a series of organisational updates from stakeholders. This allowed groups to introduce themselves, and provide updates on projects of relevance to the local industry. As the event took place in an oyster shed, it suited local farmers and give many new stakeholders an insight into the industry. 

The impact

About 35 people attended the event - 20 of which were farmers. Over a dozen different stakeholder groups attended including: NSW Farmers Association; Hastings River Quality Assurance Program; Select Oyster Company; NSW Food Authority; NSW DPI (Fisheries); NSW DPI (Oyster Reef Restoration); Oyster Safe; Australian Marine Safety Authority; Port Macquarie - Hastings Council & OceanWatch.  

Both farmers and industry stakeholders appreciated the opportunity to put faces to names, find out the latest information, and to build relationships in a relaxed, comfortable environment. 

Key facts

  • Social BBQ & stakeholder updates
  • 35 people attended
  • Over a dozen stakeholders provided updates

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