Rainforest and wetland restoration

Since the year 2000, we have been progressively extending the regeneration of native forest from their surviving remnants.

This has enabled the original rainforest to return to the more nutrient-rich parts of the floodplain of Ourimbah Creek. Wetland forest dominated by the endangered paperbark Melaleuca biconvexa has been returned to the backswamps, along with other wetland vegetation. The detailed record of our work is regularly updated on the following website:

Looking up into the canopy formed by our wetland paperbark Melaleuca biconvexa. Unlike the neighbouring rainforest trees, this species is intolerant of shade. This could be the reason why there are no leafy branches below the canopy and why there is a pronounced gap between neighbouring canopies. Every year in late September, the paperbarks flower, making the forest look as if it has been dusted with snow.

(Photo Barbara Smith)