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Bushcare is a fun, social volunteering activity that started in the suburbs of Sydney in the 1980s. This environmental volunteer work (sometimes called Urban Landcare) occurs mostly on public land: bushland, wetlands and around waterways managed by local councils or NSW government agencies. Volunteers are trained and guided by qualified staff to undertake bush regeneration activities to protect our bushland areas and improve the Penrith area.

Bushcare is a great way to meet other people in your neighbourhood, have fun and keep active whilst helping to protect your local environment at the same time.

  • meet more people in your neighbourhood
  • have fun and keep active
  • help protect your local environment.

Bushcare Groups around our City are looking for new members. People of all ages can help with bushcare, and no experience is necessary. Contact our Council's Bushland Management Officer on 4732 8088 or email .

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