Wiradjuri Artist in Schools

Bringing nature and culture to the classroom

Wiradjuri Artist in Schools

Bringing nature and culture to the classroom

Reaching Out -


The issue

Learning about, sharing and teaching Aboriginal culture is extremely important to Wiradjuri elder Uncle David Dunn as he didn’t know much about his own culture until he was a teenager. "I didn't know who I was until I found culture. Culture helped me become who I am today" he said,  "I wish I could relive my life knowing what I know now, as learning about my culture has had a huge impact on my life". 

He is an award winning, international selling artist with a distinctive style, endless patience and a natural flair for teaching. He offers culturally-based identity, self-esteem and resilience mentoring as well as art lesson in a wide range of mediums and techniques as well as Wiradjuri language and song-lines.

The solution

Now working with Petaurus Education Group Inc., Uncle David is delivering Wiradjuri Artist in Schools sessions and artist-in-residence programs to education institutions from preschools to high schools and the broader community across NSW and Victoria. His distinctive contemporary techniques incorporate Aboriginal stories and designs with environmental connections to place like local native plants and animals. He teaches students how to interpret Aboriginal symbols, design their own works to tell their own stories and guides them through to the finished product which may be paintings on canvas or any surface requested, murals, mosaics, stepping-stones, emu-callers, boomerangs & other Aboriginal tools, story-poles, botanical drawing, rock-art and banners.

The impact

Uncle David has worked with hundreds of pre-schools and schools, as well as Landcare groups and community groups, government agencies and businesses to make Aboriginal culture familiar and accessible to everyone. The sessions are great fun and students love their interactions with David and how much they feel a connection to Aboriginal culture and nature.  The demand for return sessions are high. His personalised Acknowledgment of Country signs for schools and businesses have been a big hit. He will also create pieces by commission.

Uncle David is very respectful and follows protocols when working on other people’s Country. For examples of his work go to www.wirraminna.org.au/petaurus/wiradjuri-artist-in-schools or Facebook 'Wiradjuri Artist In School David Dunn' or 'David Dunn - Done by Dunn Art'. To make a booking or get a quote contact David Dunn on donebydunnart@gmail.com

Key facts

  • Wiradjuri language & music
  • murals, story poles, mosaics
  • painting & drawing
  • story telling
  • plants and animals
  • traditional knowledge