Deniliquin Lagoons Restoration Project

Partnership between High School, Community, Council and Business.

Deniliquin Lagoons Restoration Project

Partnership between High School, Community, Council and Business.

Taking Action -


The issue

The Deniliquin Lagoons Restoration Project (DLRP) was managed by a sub-committee of Edward Wakool Angling Association. Initiated in 2011, the project is a long-term, community partnership to rehabilitate the Deniliquin lagoons system to support more natural wetland flora and fauna.

During the regular meetings held throughout 2017-18 to coordinate a School Engagement Plan (See Case Study LLCI019-006) the committee identified that significant funding was a limitation to achieving major works on the Lagoon System and decided to leverage the success of the School Engagement project to apply for further funding.

The solution

The committee decided to work in groups of 2-3 people to prepare and submit four funding applications included;

  • Public reserves grant
  • National Landcare Program - Environmental Small Grant
  • Aboriginal Fishing Trust Fund
  • Sport and recreation grant

The impact

Committee member John Conallin said; “The Edward Wakool Angling Association has been awarded a grant for nearly 50 thousand dollars under the National Landcare Program - Environmental Small Grants. It’s a great achievement for the lagoons group, the Edward River council and the community, and finishing Mathews park will allow for the threatened fish species program to go further and continue to treat storm water.”

General Manager of partner organisation Yarkuwa Indigenous Knowledge Centre, David Crew said; “A grant from the NSW Department of Primary Industries Aboriginal Fishing Trust Fund will continue the development of the Fish Park. The grant will increase fish stocks and the infrastructure needed to support fish health and create an Aboriginal cultural learning space on the island. The aim is to develop the area as both an education and tourism experience showcasing local Aboriginal culture and a location to share knowledge and build understandings.”


The high level of engagement and positive contribution to the project of the Deniliquin High School students was a major success. Donna Van Lieshout Careers Advisor of Deniliquin High School said; “Deniliquin High School is so proud to be involved in the Fish Park Project. It is a wonderful way to connect with our community and allow students, whose skills are not necessarily academic, to participate and excel in what they do. To see these young people stand up in front of their parents, school and community to talk about the project was a massive highlight for many people and brought a tear to many eyes.”

Key facts

  • The committee has now got two major projects to deliver thanks to the efforts of the group to prepare and submit funding submissions.
  • The high level of community engagement and the funding support will ensure this project continues for many years.

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