Paddock Trees – Restoring the Missing Links

Across our rural landscape, paddock trees stand out as an iconic image, providing shade and shelter for livestock and maintaining the productive capacity of the land. Paddock trees also provide an immense benefit to biodiversity by providing food, shelter and nesting sites for a large number of birds, bats, insects and small mammals. In recognising the importance of paddock trees on farms, the Riverina Highlands Landcare Network has funding available to landholders to protect and restore paddock trees.

With funding from the NSW Environmental Trust and the Riverina Local Land Services, large old trees scattered across paddocks will be protected and additional paddock trees will be planted.

To date, more than 25 properties have received funding through this project with funding still available to:

1. Protecting Paddock Trees - large hollow bearing trees mature or dead can be fenced to stop livestock damage and allow natural regeneration.  This will extend the life and the habitat value of these trees.

The project will assist with protecting paddock trees by providing funding towards the costs of fencing materials, native plants and tree guards.

2. Planting New Paddock Trees by planting locally native trees and constructing individual paddock tree guards will prevent stock damage whilst the plants are growing.

The project will assist with establishing new paddock trees by providing funding towards the cost of individual paddock tree guards and  advanced plants.

Landholders wishing to participate in this project are encouraged to contact the Riverina Highlands Landcare Network on 69411402 or visit the website to download a copy of the Expression of Interest.