Tarabandra Hills – Rivers to Ridgelines

The efforts of this group have recently been acknowledged in winning the Murrumbidgee Landcare Community Group Award and as a finalist in the NSW Landcare Awards.


The Tarabandra hills, south of Gundagai, were once known for all the wrong reasons.  Overclearing, overgrazing and stock camping on the hilltops had resulted in them being severely degraded.  Native vegetation hadbeen replaced with an abundance of weeds. Soil erosion and nutrient run off were a major problem and clearly evident, particularly after summer storms. These steep hills are highly visible from the Hume Highway and unique in that they are surrounded on three sides by the Tumut and Murrumbidgee Rivers.


Environmental Outcomes

After 5 years of activity a patchwork of native vegetation corridors has been established across the Tarabandra landscape to protect and link areas of remnant vegetation and creating stepping stones for the movement of wildlife. The achievements so far include:

  • 47 ha of native habitat revegetated
  • Planting of 21,000 native trees and shrubs
  • 18 km of fencing erected to prevent stock access


Sustainable Farming Outcomes

The project has not only improved biodiversity on the properties involved but has also improved sustainable land use through:

  • providing shade and shelter for livestock on steep exposed country
  • native vegetation corridors have divided large paddocks to allow for better grazing management as a tool to manage weeds, promote native pastures and prevent overgrazing.
  • waterways have been fenced to improve water quality
  • land prices have increased as the properties have become more functional

Who is involved in the project?

The Landholders of the Tarabandra area, Riverina Highlands Landcare Network, Riverina LLS as well as funding from a range of sources including Community Action Grants, Environmental Trust, Riverina LLS and Landcare Australia sponsorship.