The Sapphire Coast Underwater Research Group (SCURG) is an underwater research group located on the Far South Coast of New South Wales who endeavours to survey and monitor the many unique underwater habitats located in the region.

The group consists of members from a range of backgrounds and with varying levels of diver expertise and operates as part of the Underwater Volunteers of NSW initiative. The Underwater Volunteers of NSW Organisation acts as a port hole through which valuable data, which is principally based on sub-tidal marine ecosystems, can be ascertained and collated to aid the management of the marine ecosystem. The Sapphire Coast Underwater Research Group provides a wonderful opportunity for members of the community and those who frequently visit the region, to participate in dives that are not only enjoyable, but also help collect essential data and information. The information gathered and entered into the UVNSW inventories, plays a crucial role in providing managers and scientists alike with the resources needed to further preserve our marine environment.

The Sapphire Coast Underwater Research Group endeavours to undertake not only enjoyable, but meaningful diving experiences that collect important information regarding the marine and coastal environment of the South Coast of NSW.

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