The Seale Close Bushcare Group is working to regenerate the Seale Close Bushland

Natural and Cultural Heritage

  • Soil derived from Hawkesbury Sandstone
  • Vegetation Community E.pilularis- A.costata- S.glomulifera Tall Open Forest
  • Site falls within Beecroft Heritage Conservation Area

Conservation Status

  • Reserve comprises part of an urban fauna habitat link
  • Vegetation community is of local conservation heritage significance

Condition/ Impacts

  • A small steeply sloping reserve surrounded by residential development. The canopy is still intact but the understorey is highly degraded creating shady, moist conditions. Areas currently being worked by volunteers are regenerating well.
  • Encroachment from residential properties
  • Stormwater outlets

Main weeds

  • Privet, Lantana, Wandering Jew, Chlorophytum, garden escapes
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