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Restoration of the Shoalhaven Heads dunes

The Shoalhaven Heads Bushcare Group has been working for fifteen years on the Crown Land Reserve that surrounds the Holiday Haven Tourist Park, concentrating their efforts on the fore-dune and hind-dune areas as well as the Shoalhaven River. Shoalhaven Heads Bushcare Group have undertaken primary weed removal of Lantana, Lions Tail, Bitou Bush, Asparagus Fern, Coral Trees, Turkey Rhubarb and Blackberry across the dunes. Large areas of the Bushcare Group’s site are now at the secondary maintenance stage, although there are several weed species that are beyond the groups resources and assistance is required to help the Bushcare group tackles these, those weed species include:

1. Erythrina X sykesii - Coral Tree

2. Acetosa sagittata – Turkey Rhubarb

3. Delairea odorata – Cape Ivy

4. Bryophyllum delagoens - Mother of Milllions

The other aim of the Bushcare Group is to encourage/stimulate natural regeneration in areas where weed removal has been done over the past three years particularly Lantana.

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