Promoting Weed Control

Promoting and encouraging weed control management practices

Promoting Weed Control

Promoting and encouraging weed control management practices

Showing the Difference -


The issue

Much of the great work done by Landcare volunteers is unseen and unappreciated by neighbours, passers-by and the broader community. The greater the participation, broader uptake and momentum around Landcare projects and activities, the more effective, efficient and long-lasting the benefits will be.

However, there are many barriers that prevent participation in Landcare activities including weed and pest management practices. The challenge is to identify and develop a strategy to overcome these barriers, effectively promote Landcare and its achievements and encourage and obtain greater participation.

The solution

Shoalhaven Landcare Association considered approaches for overcoming barriers adopted elsewhere and considered suitability of this methodology in relation to weed management in the Shoalhaven. One of these approaches, a behaviour change process for lantana control, Community-Based Social Marketing, was tested in the Eurobodalla Shire. This was a 5-step process, one of which was adopted through this project.

Weed species specific A3 corflute signs, including Lantana, Fireweed and Giant Parramatta Grass were printed and presented to Landcarers who have been implementing weed control practices on their property. This is considered effective as it is targeted and demonstrates an ongoing commitment as landholders sign and date the corflute which is then hung on main property fences and gates, offering visibility to passing vehicles. 

The impact

The impact of this methodology is twofold:

  1. to publicly recognise and commend the efforts of the individuals, promote the benefits of their commitment to weed control and to reinvigorate their efforts
  2. to encourage passing neighbours and other community members not currently engaged in weed control to also implement weed control practices on their properties

Additional unintended outcomes have been observed including an increased awareness and recognition of Shoalhaven Landcare, increased awareness of specific weeds including their control and the extent of the pride of landholders being recognised for their hard work and ongoing commitment to restoring the health of the environment on their properties. 

Key facts

  • Promotion is key for encouraging greater participation
  • Publicly recognise Landcarers commitment to weed control
  • Raising awareness of their commitment publicly will reinvigorate their efforts and encourage neighbours to control weeds too

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