Singleton Shire Landcare Network and Gresford Landcare collaborated on this celebration of soils event, held at Singleton Showgrounds on 29 October 2015. The seminar captured and shared expertise from across the state and from a range of industries. As well as the seminar presenters a range of industry stakeholders were able to have display sites showcasing their products and services in soil management.

River Red Gums, creek-line restoration, community engagement. Col Fisher park is always welcoming new friends and members

Singleton Shire Landcare Network (SSLN) helps local landholders tackle African Olive and Lantana in Glendonbrook catchment

A day of engagement and workshopping with Landcare groups and associated NRM groups from across the Mid and Upper Hunter. A common issue with groups is lack of new interest and tired volunteers. Also groups across the region had fallen out of touch over the years and contacts had been lost. A great opportunity to stimulate connections and organisational activity, and to build up the Landcare community of practice.

This event brought together people of all member groups of the Singleton Shire Landcare Network, as well as Landcare friends from neighboring district organisations and Local Land Services officers. This was a great opportunity for networking and rekindling lost connections. Many participants had actually never previously met! It was a great opportunity for member groups to catch up with what has been happening in the region, as well as for new members to get to know how the network operated and where the potential developments could occur. A total of 22 volunteer Landcarers came together at the Singleton Infantry museum for the discussions, AGM, group updates and lunch (with music!) followed by a tour of the local museum. Landcarers left with inspiration in the hearts, happy for the new approach to what was previously seen as a boring old meeting of the usual suspects, a formality. The program was developed through the Local Landcare Coordinator Initiative and funded through partnership with the Upper Hunter LLS.

A successful weed information workshop, display and networking day, held at Elderslie Hall in April 2016. The Event is part of a broader African Olive and Lantana Project undertaken by Singleton Shire Landcare Network and Local Land Services.

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