Volunteer Rejuvination and Networking - Passion Mashing w/ Les Robinson

A day of engagement and workshopping with Landcare groups and associated NRM groups from across the Mid and Upper Hunter. A common issue with groups is lack of new interest and tired volunteers. Also groups across the region had fallen out of touch over the years and contacts had been lost. A great opportunity to stimulate connections and organisational activity, and to build up the Landcare community of practice.


Reinvigorating our local Landcare groups

Shannon Dann
June 21, 2016, 10:32 a.m.

Follow your passion don't fixate on the problem.

Landcare groups need to be playful

Landcare groups from across the region were told to stop fixating on their problems and instead, follow their passions.

Create a group people want to join, and hold meetings they want to attend.

Because when we rigidly think about solving a problem, we stop being “playful”, we lose the ability to be creative and fail to think outside the square.

This is the advice of Passion Mashin’ facilitator, the insightful Les Robinson.

He told the participants “boring meetings kill groups” and suggested many alternatives, from paddle ‘n’ plant to progressive bush dinners.

“Simplify meetings, do we really need to bore people by reading out the minutes?” he asked the crowd.

On Saturday he attempted to inspire representatives from Singleton, Broke, Bulga, Lambs Valley, Three Valleys (Putty), Gresford, Dungog, Merriwa, Scone and Muswellbrook, during a day long workshop at the Singleton Visitor Information centre.

It was an initiative of the Singleton Shire Landcare Network, funded through the Upper Hunter Local Land Services, along with the Singleton Council.

Local Landcare coordinator for Singleton - Mid Hunter, Adam Dwyer says it was aimed at re-energising local groups and building links between groups.

He used the words “reinvigorate and networking”.