Building corridors for biodiversity & livestock - Kangaroo Valley

With support from the Australian Government's Biodiversity Fund (2012-15) this project has worked with farmers to build important links between riparian corridors, on farm remnants and escarpment vegetation. This project capitalises on the Sustainable Grazing  program delivered by the Small Farms Network on behalf of the Sydney Catchment Authority over the past 8 years, engaging over 75 landholders to improve grazing management and water quality within the Sydney water catchment. Key outcomes of the project include:

  • 7km of diverse/species rich vegetation corridors (8.85ha)
  • 8,000 multi-layered tubestock, including 32 species planted
  • Property plans developed and project integration with the Sustainable Grazing program across six of the seven farms.
  • Additional 9 projects funded between 2012-14 worth $167,000 through the Sustainable Grazing program, with improved grazing (153ha) and riparian outcomes (11.6km & 74ha protected) achieved.