Building the Berry Corridors - Shoalhaven River to Moyean Hill Reserve

The Small Farms Network has been working with landholders in the Berry Corridor since 2004. The main priority has been to protect Coomonderry Swamp from grazing pressure, establish vegetation corridors across the landscape and improve sustainable grazing practices through on farm extension workshops. Coomonderry Swamp is the largest freshwater coastal wetland in  southern NSW and home to the threatened Green and Golden Bell Frog.   Key outcomes of the project include:

  • 10.5km of diverse vegetation corridors established across 18 farms
  • Protected 1.5km of Coomonderry Swamp via stock exclusion fencing
  • Established over 12,000 locally grown tubestock building key linkages within the landscape for wildlife movement, stock shelter and weed control
  • Released over 8,000 winter active dung beetles. Two main species have been released: Bubas bison  & Geotrupes spiniger.

Work continues across many farms within the Berry Corridors with an additional 2.7km currently being established and planned in 2015 across four farms.